What Reiki means to me…


Reiki was my first step into this amazing spiritual journey.  I learned about it and immediately something draw me to get to know more.  Instantly my life changed, and all happened just in the right moment.  My healing process began and I was so fascinated with it that I got initiated so I could also help others feel what I was feeling, so happy, so full of life, just a new healed person.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, in which Rei  means “Higher Power” and Ki means “Vital energy”.  It’s a natural healing method, in which the practitioner connects with the universal energy (which everyone of us has) and this energy flows thru the body and is transferred by touch.  It can also be send by distance, no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Its benefits are many, but some of them are: healing of pains,  well-being, promotes balance to the human system, helps with depression, and many more.  Reiki is an spiritual practice, but is not a religion.  You can be from any religion and still receive and practice Reiki, it doesn’t matter.

What made me begin my meditation practice was Reiki.  While you receive Reiki you are in a meditative state, and what you feel are so many things at the same time: relaxation, connection with everything, for me was like being reborn. Meditation felt so right at that moment, that I continued.  Once I discovered what meditation really is and all the great things that happen once you connect everyday with the universe, with the cosmos, with GOD, miracles happen and you begin to live your true path in this life.

After I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus I decided that I didn’t want any treatment that dealt with doctors or medicines.  Something lead me to Reiki, and then all began.  I tell you,  I’ve never visited in this 5 years a rheumatologist or taken any drugs for my disease. Everything has been natural.  With a combination of spiritual practices a big change in my diet, quitting smoking and drinking and taking my supplements I can tell you I feel amazing.

Finding Reiki saved my life, but then again I think Reiki found me.

Peace and Love,



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