When it all began…


Five years ago I was a regular person, with a regular full-time job, with a boyfriend who I was going to marry.  My daughter was 9 years old.  I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years, in a very dysfunctional relationship, but one that years after I understood was the beginning of what it was going to shape me to begin this new spiritual journey.

I was living a life that all my friends and family barely could recognize.  I almost lost everything.  But something happened.  I got sick.  I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus. I noticed because my hair began to fall and I had a lot of symptoms.  I wasn’t feeling good.  My life just felt like it didn’t had any meaning.  I continued because of my daughter.  Then God put in my life a bunch of people that would help me wake up and begin my journey to be what I am today.

During these five years that I have been working with myself, were I’ve fallen but again stand up and continue, I have realize that every human being that begins a spiritual path, no matter what type, always at some point in their lives a determining circumstance or event happened that made that person to awake.  For me is a way that GOD shakes you up so you can realize what is it that you have to do while you are here.  Mine was my disease.

Thanks to all of this now I know my true purpose in this life and understand what we really are:

“We are not human beings having an spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings  having a human experience.”

So live your life happy no matter what, just accept that some things cannot be changed and understand that everything that happens in your life, no matter if it’s good or bad, has to happen.  You are here for a purpose maybe you don’t know right now, but believe me that the universe is constantly giving you signs, you just have to see and listen.  Make changes in your life to be a better person, more compassionate and most of all, grateful. Everyday miracles happen, you’ll see.

Peace and Love,



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