Hong Kong



I begin to say that I hated,  but hated airplanes.  I used to travel to Orlando or Miami and I was literally crying.  Yep!! I had to drink and drink so I could just bare with the altitude.

So, yes, you may be saying “How can she hate airplanes and be in one so many hours?”.  It’s all part of this awakening thing.  Fear is a lie.  Once you realize that, you will begin to face your fears.

Hong Kong is located in the southern coast of China.  I compare it to New York.  Really tall buildings, stores and the food, Amazing!!  Not that expensive.  I loved, loved Hong Kong.

The main reason that I went there was to go to the Tian Tan Buddha, also known as “Big Buddha”.  It’s located in Lantau Island.  You have to get into a monorail to get there.

Once you step foot in this amazing place, you just feel so peaceful.  You feel that you can almost touch the clouds.  Everything is so beautiful.   The gardens, the monks, the people meditating and giving their offerings, the smell of inciense.   I loved it all.  I really recommend this place.

Peace and Love,



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